iDistributedPV participation at the event Last Chance to Participate in “Horizon 2020” “Secure, Clean and Efficient Energy” calls

Newsletter – Technical recommendations

IDistributedPV analysis and comparison showed that the technical recommendations are not country specific. The main findings and recommendations are based on the conversion chain of PV battery systems, in the section battery and inverter, the grid integration and the control issues.

iDistributedPV event in Athens, February 2020

The last chronologically physical event of iDistributedPV took place in Athens, at the National Technical University, in 25 February 2020.

Newsletter – Regulatory barriers and recommendations

Guidelines for the massive integration of solar PV distributed generation are necessary. In iDistributedPV project, based on the simulations and the case studies we analysed in Spain, Germany, Poland, Lithuania and Greece we developed some regulatory recommendations focused on the energy flows and ancillary services, the operation and control procedures and the grid codes, the integration approach of the distributed generation with the system operation, the role of the different players in the operational model and the economic flows and the revenue models. Read more

Thematic workshop 28th February. Results and Technical & regulatory and recommendations

Within the framework of the European project H2020 iDistributedPV  (, we will organize next February 28th (from 10:30-12h), a  Thematic Workshop of iDistributedPV, in which we want to address among others the current self-consumption main issues, the results and the technical and regulatory recommendations abstained in the project and organize a discussion round table between various members of the iDistributedPV consortium.

The link to join the webinar is:

We would be pleased if you take part of this Webinar. All the questions that you may have regarding the integration of PV in the distribution grids could be discussed in this Webinar.

Please find the Agenda here.

The conference will be held in English.

Newsletter – Business and management models and recommendations

During the last decades, the solar photovoltaic (PV) technology has improved its effectiveness and its manageability significantly, and progressively reduced its costs per each installed megawatt. Additionally, the massive application of telecommunication and information technologies has produced great advances in terms of control and monitoring of the renewable energies and their integration in distribution grids. Read more

Polish media have published information about the  iDistributedPV :

A new media article

A Spanish media, #SMARTGRIDSINFO has published the results and recommendations of iDistributedPV project.

You can find the article in Spanish here.

iDistributedPV event, Friday, 31 January 2020, Milano

RSE and Novareckon are organizing the workshop: “The iDistributedPV prosumer model and Italy”. The panel is to discuss the potential, the barriers and the regulatory implications of self-consumption based on solar renewables in Italy. Key issues include:
• The potential for prosumers
• The importance of energy demand management
• The role of storage systems
• Possibilities to value self-consumption
• Current Regulatory barriers in the EU with specific focus on Italy
• The impact of distributed generation on the reliable operation of distribution networks

The workshop will take place at: RSE, Via Rubattino 54, Milano
The session may be remotely joined via WebEx (instructions about how to join through WebEx you will find here)

More information about the workshop, the agenda and the registration you will find here.