iDistributedPV Newsletter – Prosumer tool

The Prosumer Solution Simulation tool has been developed by Deloitte for iDistributedPV project. It performs a technical and economic analysis of the integration of photovoltaic systems into households, offices, industries and other type of buildings, optionally including storage systems.

The interface is composed by several windows, each one with a specific function: Radiation Profile, Demand Profile, Electricity Tariff, Electricity Market Framework, Panels and Inverters, Storage System, Operation Simulation and Results and Sizing Assessment. The analysis is based on the input data that the user provides, such as hourly radiation profiles, hourly demand patterns, characteristics of the systems, hourly electricity prices etc. This data can be introduced in several ways: manually through the GUI (Graphical User Interface) provided by the tool, through an Excel file, and through a webpage by accessing it from the GUI. The user can view and change these inputs in every moment navigating throughout the GUI. The tool also provides specific default data for the convenience of the user, based on typical mean values of the parameters. The user has the option to save his work and then to load a previously saved case study.

Technical and economic approaches have been taken into consideration to build the evaluation framework to assess the sizing of the solution. These parameters are configured in the tool, which will simulate the demand and generation profiles for a year, clustering data according to behavior patterns. The decision-making process, that will set a strategy, is built through decisions taken for each hour of the year. The results are divided in three groups. The complete economic analysis offers the internal rate of return (IRR) of the project, the net present value (NPV), the payback period and a breakdown of the cash flows based on the origin of incomes or outcomes. Similarly, the technical outputs present a breakdown of the energy flows, like the energy consumed from the grid, the storage system or the PV panels and the energy sold to the grid, along with the storage system utilisation. Finally, a group of parameters and indicators where reduction of carbon emissions, LCOE and LCOS, or self-sufficiency rate can be found, among others. The user can view the graphical representation of the results for any moment of the horizon study, as well as to download them.

Three different versions of the tool have been created in order to cover the different regulatory schemes of the countries that participate in the projects. As a result, a feed-in tariff, a net-metering and a net-metering tool specific for Greece has been developed and used by the partners of the project.

In order to make the tool available for the public, a simplified version has been created, which provides a more friendly-user interface and less options for input data. In order to use it, the user must download and install the executable file.

The online tool along with a detailed presentation can be found at the iDistributedPV’s website or directly at the following link: