Lithuanian Energy Institute organized Cyseni 2019 (Conference of Young Scientists on Energy Issues) on May 23-24 and iDistributedPV was there. Darius Milicius organize a roundtable, which covered the following issues:

  • Goals, objectives, project consortium, main activities, demonstration of iDistributedPV tool for homeowner/contractor cases.
  • “Prosumer” concept.
  • Contractor case in national grid
  • PV technologies for different users, net-metering vs batteries etc.

The main conclusions from the discussion were: Batteries are a solution in order to increase the independence of users and they give clear possibilities to increase penetration of non-stable renewables on different levels etc. However, batteries are too expensive at the moment and there must be a price decrease in the range of 2-3 times from 600 Euros/kWh, increase in cycle-life up to 5000 – 10000 cycles, keeping 80 % Depth of Discharge and must be made from cheap and abundant materials etc.