We kindly invite you to our interactive policy workshop on PV prosumption “PV prosumers on the rise – how Europe can empower more people to produce, consume and sell their own electricity”, which will take place on Thursday, 21 November 2019, at the BIP (Place Royale n°11) in Brussels.

The workshop will showcase and evaluate results from 3 EU projects to identify what is preventing more Europeans to become PV prosumers – and develop solutions for better policy-making that will remove key barriers and boost the further uptake of photovoltaics across Europe. It is part of the PV- Prosumers4Grid project, in cooperation with the projects EU Heroes and iDistributedPV, funded by the European Commission.

We hope that you can enrich our workshop with your expertise and join this debate which we believe as crucial for achieving higher consumer engagement and bring the energy transition to people’s homes – don’t miss out on this opportunity to shape our energy future and show the way forward to a greener Europe!

Please register latest by Wednesday evening, 13 November 2019, under the following link (the registration link is also available on the electronic agenda).

You may also find the agenda of the project here:


We look forward to welcoming you soon!