Crack the Bitcoin Wallet and Claim 3,454,811 Sats with #HuntingSats!

• A Bitcoin world treasure hunt called “Hunting Sats” is being organized by 13 entities, including Wasabi Wallet, Blockstream, BTCPay and Trezor.
• The wallet holds 3,454,811 sats and participants must find the seed words and passphrase in order to claim the sats.
• General knowledge about bitcoin wallets, script types, derivation paths, checksums, passphrases and BIP-39 seed words will be helpful in cracking the wallet.

Bitcoin World Treasure Hunt

Wasabi Wallet is leading a coalition of 12 other bitcoin projects and companies to organize a Bitcoin world treasure hunt called “Hunting Sats.” Starting on January 23rd 2023 for one full week, these entities will be revealing seed words of a bitcoin wallet that contains 3,454,811 sats. Everyone is invited to attempt to crack this wallet and claim the funds it holds.

How To Crack The Wallet

The announcement sent out provides details on how participants can crack the wallet using brute forcing methods. This means finding the seed words and a passphrase in order for them to be arranged correctly so that it can recover the funds found within it. Knowledge about bitcoin wallets such as script types, derivation paths and more will help those involved with cracking this wallet successfully.

Participants Involved

The 12 partners involved in hosting this contest are BTCPayTrezor CryptosteelBlockstreamBull Bitcoin., Hodl HodlBitcoin ReserveCoinkiteSwan BitcoinBTCTKVRmempool.spaceWizardsardine They have each been given one word from a 12-word passphrase-protected bitcoin address (BIP39). Over the course of one week starting with January 23rd they will share their word using #HuntingSats hashtag on social media platforms such as Twitter or Facebook. More hints will be provided if no one has cracked open the wallet successfully at the end of the week.

General Information

For all general information regarding this contest such as updates regarding what words have been revealed to public then visit HuntingSats website portal found here:


This thrilling game allows everyone around world to come together in search for hidden fortune! All you need is knowledge about certain aspects of Bitcoin wallets such as script type or derivation path etc., so come join this exciting hunt!