Secure Your Bitcoin with Multisig: Safer Than Singlesig Solutions


• Multisig security offers different security guarantees than singlesig solutions.
• Singlesig is a great form of custody for small amounts but multisig should be evaluated for non-trivial amounts.
• A multisig wallet is referred to as a “vault” wherein multiple signing devices are coordinated.

Multisig Explained

Multisignature (multisig) refers to the use of multiple private keys to access a bitcoin wallet or account and sign transactions. This means that two or more people must sign off on any transaction before it can be completed, eliminating single points of failure and increasing redundancy in the setup. The number of signing devices required to gain access is known as an “m-of-n” scheme, which specifies how many out of those n involved parties must sign for a transaction to go through. An output descriptor or Bitcoin Secure Multisig Setup (BSMS) is used to define the configuration of this type of wallet, allowing users to recreate their setup on other coordinators or registering with the signing devices.

Considerations for Bitcoin Custody

When considering which type of wallet setup to use, there are several key factors that need to be taken into account: minimizing trust, operational effort, and setup costs. With multisig wallets, trust in any one entity can be minimized as multiple entities are involved in approving transactions. However, setting up and using these wallets can require more time and effort than a singlesig solution, so it may not be suitable if regular transactions are expected. Additionally, there may also be some upfront costs associated with setting up a multi-vendor multisig solution such as hardware wallets from different vendors.

Attacks on Multisigs

Despite its advantages over single signature solutions, multisigs are not immune from attacks – both physical and digital – including theft attempts by rogue employees or malicious third parties attempting to gain control over your funds via malware attacks on your device(s). To prevent these types of attacks from occurring it is important that you choose reputable vendors who have strong track records when selecting hardware wallets for your multisignature vault setup. Additionally, keeping all software updated and conducting regular audits will help protect against any potential threats posed by malicious actors online.


In conclusion, while singlesig solutions offer convenience when managing small amounts of bitcoin for short-term goals; anyone holding non-trivial amounts for long term should look into evaluating a multisignature option instead due its enhanced security features compared with single signature wallets/accounts. However, users should bear in mind the additional operational hassle required when setting up these kinds of vaults along with any associated costs before making their decision about which type of wallet best suits their needs